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  • Increase your mobility with the Amigo Lift-All. Participate in your favorite activities without depending on others. The Lift-All transports your mobility aid easily in your vehicle.
  • With a 200-pound (90 kg) capacity, the Lift-All effortlessly lifts your mobility aid into your vehicle. In minutes you're on your way - shopping or visiting your friends.
  • The Lift-All's quality construction is supported by Amigo's three-year warranty and reputation for service. Installation not included.

Model Number:
Amigo Lift-All $995 (includes freight, but not installation)
  • Compact
  • Installs easily with four screws
  • Can be reinstalled if you purchase a new vehicle
  • Operates with minimal effort and no lifting
  • Durable finish resists cracking, peeling, chipping and rusting
  • Adjusts easily
  • Fits in most vehicles
  • Limited three-year warranty guarantees you satisfaction
  • Many car companies reimburse all or part of the cost with purchase of a new vehicle
  • The Lift-All may be mounted on either side
  • Lifting Capacity: 200 pounds (90 kg)
  • Arm Extension: 32 to 42 inches (81.3 to 106.7 cm)
  • Arm Angle Adjustment: 0 to 49 degrees
  • Gear Motor: 12 volts
  • Weight: 38 pounds (17.1 kg)
  • Lift arms fit seat posts 1.5 to 2 inches (diameter) 3.81 to 5.08 cm (diameter)
  • Outer Tube Vertical Adjustment: 12-7/8 inches (32.7 cm) minimum to 20-1/2 inches (52.07 cm) maximum
Vehicle Requirements:

The Lift-All will fit in most medium and large vehicles. Now that the Lift-All fits your mobility aid, you must be sure it will fit in your vehicle. Check the measurements of your car, van or station wagon with those below. Remember that the vertical space and possible adaptations will depend on the model of your mobility aid, your seat and trunk configuration.

Always consider where the spare tire is located. When the spare is mounted on the exterior door or inside wall of the interior, the Lift-All is best mounted on the opposite side of the trunk. See Fig1-1

Lift Arms: The lift arm attaches to your mobility aid easily, giving the Lift-All something to attach to. Lift your mobility aid into your vehicle with the standard lift arm package (required for cars with trunks) by removing the seat. However, the vertical space in a van, truck, station wagon and some hatchbacks allows you to lift your mobility aid without removing your seat. If you like this option, choose the van lift arm. See Fig1-2




Rebates are Available When Buying a Lift-All!

Sound like a dream come true? It is. The General Motors Mobility Program, Ford Mobility Motoring Program and Chrysler Corporation's Automobility Program are working to ensure that this dream is a reality. These programs make sure the cost of adaptive equipment doesn't hinder an individual's ability to "hit the open road." Information on each program is listed in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.


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