Different Types of Scooters

These days it seems to be harder to get your child to go outside and play. This can lead to obesity and other health issues. If you want your child to start off on the right path, give them a scooter. Unlike rollerblades or a bicycle that seem intimidating and hard for a smaller child, scooters are easier to maneuver. With the right scooter, your child will be eager to go outside, play or even take their scooter with them to the park or on your walk around town.

Different Types of Scooters

There are two basic kid’s scooters that you will find today; kick scooters and stunt scooters.

Kick Scooters- Most kick scooters are designed for younger kids and are move when the child kicks the ground with their foot. These kick scooters come in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. Kick scooters also have a handle bar that is adjustable so that your child can comfortably control the scooter. Most kick scooters come with two wheels but you will also discover plenty of three wheel scooters. These three wheel scooters are more stable and ideal for younger children.

Stunt Scooters- If you have an older child that’s full of energy, give them a stunt scooter. Most stunt scooters, also known as freestyle scooters, only have two wheels and are designed to be used in skate parks or to perform tricks. These scooters are durable and come in a range of designs and colors.

When it comes to choosing the right scooter for your child, make sure that you consider:

  • Your child’s age
  • Their height
  • Their weight

All scooters have an adjustable handlebar but make sure that your child will be able to comfortably hold and reach it before making your purchase. Another thing to consider is the weight of the scooter and your child. You want your kids to be able to comfortable and easily carry the scooter when they are not riding it. On the scooter description you will see the age and weight requirements, so be sure to pay attention to that as well. If your child is unable to utilize the scooter to its full potential, they may end up losing interest.

If you are looking for a great product that’s easy to control and ride, get your child a scooter! Whether you choose a kick scooter or a stunt scooter, be sure to include a helmet and protective gear with your purchase. These items will help protect your child’s head, hands, elbows and knees from serious injury and scars.