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Diestco is a company that makes innovative products for wheelchair and scooter users. Click on one of the products for detailed information, and see what you like. For prices, please call or email.

Our main distribution center is at:
801 Smithfield Ave

Lincoln, RI 02865

Customer Service: 401-726-5400

Open: 10AM to 5PM EST.

Monster Bag The Monster Bag is big enough to carry groceries, laundry, and other larger items. Adjustable straps allow the bag to fit most scooter and wheelchair seats. Side pockets fit smaller items that need to be within reach.
Front Bag The Front Bag attaches easily to your scooter or wheelchair armrest. Slide it on and off as you need it. Perfect for keeping items close.
Saddle Bag The Saddle Bag is ideal for glasses, billfolds, keys, and other small items. Easily buckles over your scooter/wheelchair armrest or scooter tiller.
The Buddy System The Buddy System includes all of the helpful hands that you need during the day. A handy cupholder for your drinks, clipboard/tray for eating or writing, utility pouch for all of your little stuff, and a mounting receiver for your wheelchair or scooter. Connect the receiver in minutes, the easily slip the items in and out when you need them. A Deluxe Kit is also available with an extra receptor for using 2 items simultaneously, and storage bag.


The Scooter Drawer The Scooter Drawer is better than a basket because it keeps your personal items and valuables out of sight underneath your scooter seat. It mounts easily, then slides in and out to let you get to your wallet, camera, medications, keys, snacks, and anything else.


The WeatherBreaker™
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The WeatherBreaker™ is a canopy that attaches to wheelchairs or scooters to protect you from the sun and rain. It's great for getting to and from work, errands, waiting at the bus stop ... whenever you need it!
Scooter Covers  

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