Choosing the Best Scooter

Scooters are a great and easy way for your kids to:

  • Get good exercise
  • Get to school
  • Enjoy the park
  • Perform tricks/freestyle
  • Improve their balance

These are just some basic benefits of riding scooters. Whatever your reason for purchasing a scooter for kids, you will not regret it.

Today, there are many different types of scooters that are available and which your kids will love. When it comes to choosing the best scooter, you might become overwhelmed with the choices.

Choosing the Best Scooter for Your Child

Before purchasing a scooter, answer some basic questions:

  • Who is the scooter for? (Male or female)
  • What is the child’s age?
  • What is the child’s height and weight?
  • Where will the child be using the scooter?
  • When/how often will the child utilize the scooter?
  • What is your budget?

The above questions can help you find the best scooter for your child. First, if you’re purchasing a scooter for a girl or a boy, consider getting a scooter in their favorite color. There are also a number of different designs you can choose from. For younger children, you can choose flashier/brighter colors or even glow-in-the-dark scooters. These scooters have either a frame that glows or LED lights in the wheels.

Your child’s age can also help you determine what type of scooter you should purchase. For children three to five years old, look for three wheel scooters. These kick scooters usually have two wheels in the front and one in the back or vice versa. Three wheel scooters are easier for younger children to control and balance on.

While all scooters have an adjustable handlebar, you still want your child to be able to hold it comfortably. If your child is smaller make sure they can reach the bar fully. If they are taller, make sure that the handlebar adjusts enough that they don’t have to bend down too much to put strain on their back while utilizing the scooter.

If you have an older child and they want a scooter, make sure that it’s a stunt scooter. These scooters are designed for freestyling and can be used in skateboard parks or on the streets. They also come in a wide range of colors and designs so you can easily pick a cool scooter for your picky tween.

Lastly, all scooters are not the same. The type of materials used, the color or even the brand can alter the price of the scooter. There are many wonderful kick and stunt scooters you will find that range from thirty dollars to well over a hundred dollars. If your child will be utilizing the scooter often or multiple times a week, make sure to invest in a good and sturdy scooter.