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Model Number:
800-SE Single Entry Scooter Lift $1795. Shipping and installation not included
Total weight of this unit:
85 lbs.
Rail size: 5-1/2" wide X 32" long
Total platform size 27-1/2" X 15-3/4"
Folded distance from bumper 10"
Open distance from bumper 32"
Total lift height 33-1/4"
Maximum hitch to ground distance 20-1/2"
Maximum lifting weight 320 lbs.
Factory tested at 550 lbs.
Motor amperage draw at 320 lbs. 5-1/2 amps
Additional Features:
  • 1700 lb. ball screw actuator.
  • Fully sealed industrial rated 12 volt D.C. motor with a 35:1 gear ratio.
  • Mechanical clutch (No electronic switches or relays to fail).
  • Number 10 gauge wire kit with 20 amp. in-line fuse block (auto type).
  • Fully automated mechanical lockdown & folding mechanism (No electrical relays to fail)
  • Mechanical hand crank to override the lift motor.
  • Rust-resistant powder coated paint (gray hammer).
  • Brushed aluminum rust-resistant rails.
  • Lift is mounted on a Class 3 receiver hitch (Not included).



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